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Founded in Fountain Hills, AZ in 2001, Pascal Creative Group (PCG) has been involved in providing video streaming solutions on the Internet since 1997. Originally encoding video files into early codecs such as .avi, PCG soon became a dependable source for capturing video and encoding it into QuickTime, Real Media, Windows Media Player, and Flash.

As the Internet grew, early on-line models provided a download solution to watch videos. Later, a more user-friendly streaming solution evolved but proved to be quite a challenge to deploy via a cross-platform solution, allowing video to be viewed on the Web in a consistently acceptable manner. However, with the advent of Macromedia's (now Adobe's) Flash video codec, and the burgeoning of broadband access by users on the information highway, streaming video in a highly dependable environment finally became a reality.

Today, Flash video streaming is now obsolete, replaced by new codecs being streamed via http, such as .mp4 and HLS. Pascal Creative Group consistently pushes the envelope in its quest to provide the highest quality video playback on the web for its customers in the most robust and secure environment attainable across all platforms and devices.